About Us

Accurate Flood Zone was founded by Dave Dagostino a licensed Professional Surveyor & Mapper in Florida. After years of doing Elevation Certificates and LOMAs for clients it became apparent that a large number of determinations given to homeowners were incorrect. This was causing many people to be required to purchase expensive flood insurance that was not necessary.

In an effort to help these homeowners Accurate Flood Zone was created. Lenders are required to obtain Flood Zone Determinations to assess whether or not flood insurance will be required for a federally backed mortgage. These determinations are preformed by large companies that use computerized mapping and algorithms to determine the flood zone a structure is located in. Unfortunately this leads to many errors as nobody actually reviews these determinations to see if they are correct.

Accurate Flood Zone was created as the “property owner’s determination company.” We only work for individual property owners to provide manually researched and documented determinations. This gives us a 100% accuracy rate in determinations allowing property owner’s to dispute the lender’s determination and possibly get the insurance requirement removed.

We also provide LOMA filing services to allow property owners who’s structure is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) but has an Elevation Certificate documenting that the structure and surrounding ground is higher than the base flood elevation, to remove the structure for the flood zone and eliminate the insurance requirement.

“We look forward to providing exceptional service to our clients and helping them eliminate the need for flood insurance or helping them obtain the lowest rates for purchased flood insurance policies.”

-Dave Dagostino